Furniture Movers


Furniture movers are skilled at moving heavy and bulky pieces of furniture. They use tools like hand trucks and dollies to make the process safer for their customers. They also know how to protect delicate furniture from damage during the move.


For example, they might wrap upholstered furniture with plastic sheets or blankets. They may also place furniture pads under the legs of large pieces to prevent scratches.

Professional Equipment

Furniture moving can be a strenuous and dangerous task, especially when done without the right tools. For this reason, furniture movers use professional equipment to make the process safer and easier for both themselves and their clients. This equipment includes tools for preparing and packing boxes as well as tools that can assist with the transportation of heavy items.

For example, protective gloves are an essential piece of moving equipment that can protect a movers hands from injuries during transport. These gloves are made of durable materials and provide protection against cuts and scrapes. They also help to improve a movers grip on items, making them more stable and effective during transport.

Another important piece of furniture moving equipment is a utility dolly. This device allows a movers to move multiple boxes at once, and saves their back and the risk of dropping a box that contains breakable items. Its design allows it to carry a lot of weight and can be used on stairs.

Other pieces of furniture moving equipment that are useful for a movers include a step ladder, which can be used to reach high places during the move. A tape measure is also essential for ensuring that all dimensions are accurate when moving and installing furniture. A laser level is also a must-have piece of equipment when it comes to ensuring that shelves or pictures on walls are properly aligned.


It’s no secret that furniture can be one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome on Moving Day due to its oversized dimensions, considerable weight, 이사 awkward shape and fragility (especially when it comes to antiques). Oftentimes attempting to tackle such furniture pieces by yourself can lead to chipped walls, scratched floors, broken or ruined furniture items, as well as serious personal injuries.

When you hire furniture movers, they are able to avoid many of these risks by using their professional equipment. These tools include furniture dollies, which are like square skateboards designed to take the strain off your back, as well as furniture sliders, which allow you to move pieces across the floor rather than having to carry them.

Another important safety measure that furniture movers use is padding. They wrap each piece of furniture in thick blankets to ensure that any bumps or hits along the way will be absorbed by the soft padding and not the actual surface of the item being moved.

They also make sure that they walk carefully along all exit ways and pathways during the furniture removal process. Tripping over furniture or other items in the chaos of a move is common, and can have disastrous consequences.

Save Time

Whether your furniture is heavy or fragile, moving it can be time consuming. If you’re short on time, hire a professional to do the work for you. Many local movers also offer packing and unpacking services to make your move as seamless as possible. However, you’ll need to make sure that the movers can reach all of the furniture pieces in your home before they arrive.

If you have multiple pieces of large furniture, consider staging them in your garage or a room that’s easy to access. Then, movers can take care of the big items first and get them to the truck faster.

Most furniture movers will wrap your items in plastic and bubble wrap for safe transportation. In addition, they’ll also carefully cushion the items with packing blankets to prevent damage. Depending on your preferences, some movers may even disassemble your furniture before transporting it.

You might be tempted to keep sentimental pieces of furniture when moving, but you should always weigh the value of that piece against how much space it will take up in your new home. If you find that a sentimental piece just doesn’t make sense for your new home, consider reaching out to family and friends or donating it. This way, you’ll be freeing up valuable storage space and saving yourself the cost of a new piece of furniture.

Save Money

When you hire furniture movers to transport bulky items, they come equipped with all the necessary equipment. That means you don’t have to rent or buy a variety of different tools to get the job done on your own. This can save you money in the long run — especially if you need to rent or buy equipment for multiple different projects or moves.

Furniture movers also know how to handle heavy and awkward objects safely. This prevents backaches, strains and other injuries during the moving process. For example, they use dollies to move heavy objects over uneven surfaces or through narrow hallways and stairs. They can even take care of delicate or antique pieces that require special handling techniques and packing materials to avoid damage.

If you’re planning on hiring local movers to help with your next move, it’s important to do your research and plan accordingly. Be sure to factor in all possible costs associated with the move, including fuel expenses and additional services like packing supplies or storage fees if needed. With careful planning and comparison shopping, you can find affordable local movers to help with your move without breaking the bank. So, if you need help lifting and carrying heavy or awkward objects, browse our convenient furniture moving Taskers marketplace to find background-checked and insured professionals in your area.