Why Buy a Minivan?

서울운전연수 When it comes to hauling people and gear, there’s no better vehicle than a minivan. Despite being snubbed by some for being’mom-mobiles,’ these highly versatile family haulers continue to attract loyal buyers.


Most offer clever tech that makes daily driving and special trips a breeze. Check out these must-have minivan features before you buy.


In addition to their comfort for passengers and their vast cargo capacity, minivans are easy to drive. They sit lower to the ground than cars and SUVs and usually have a low floor height that allows for large door openings. This makes getting in and out of a minivan more like walking into a room than the ducking and climbing involved with low cars and tall SUVs.

They’re also one of the more flexible vehicles available, thanks to their sliding doors and fold-down seating. Many of them offer deep wells behind the third-row seats that allow for exceptional cargo capacity even with all the seats folded down. Often, these wells are wide enough to fit tall boxes or even a couple of sheets of plywood.

For some drivers, a minivan’s comfort and versatility are the only things that matter when choosing a new car. These vehicles can be ideal for families that need to get kids and gear to school, soccer practice, and appointments. They’re also excellent for certain occupations, such as tradesmen who need to transport tools and materials around town.

Today’s minivans are filled with 서울운전연수 clever gadgets and features that are designed to make family driving easier. They can include everything from a fold-down mirror near the ceiling that helps parents keep an eye on backseat rug rats to the Chrysler Pacifica’s Stow ‘n’ Go second-row seats that easily disappear into the floor for expanded cargo space.


One of the big things that separates minivans from their SUV kin is versatility. These people- and cargo-carrying machines are built to handle everything from carting kids to soccer practice to hauling a sheet of plywood to the job site. Compared to the four-wheel-drive and higher ground clearance found on larger SUVs, minivans are more compact and better suited for negotiating tight parking spaces.

Moreover, minivan designers tend to focus more on functionality than spiffing up the exterior appearance. This has resulted in a number of convenient features, like the sliding rear doors that most models come equipped with. Sure, they may look geeky, but the ability to quickly open up a van from a parking space without needing to stretch or reach is incredibly handy.

Many minivans also offer features that make driving them more comfortable, such as power reclining seats with footrests and the ability to stream Netflix on a large high-definition display. These features are popular with many parents who want to keep the kids entertained on long rides without having to constantly shift between CDs or listen to “Are we there yet?” from the back seat.

Other popular minivan features include a dual six-CD changer that cuts down on the frequency with which drivers need to stop and change discs. Similarly, some models feature a backseat entertainment system with a large dual-view Blu-ray player, which is great for keeping the backseat passengers busy and not complaining about how boring the ride is.


Minivans may not be the fastest vehicles on the road but they do provide a safe and comfortable ride for the whole family. They are also cheaper to insure than SUVs and can carry more passengers. This makes them the perfect vehicle for people on the go with their kids, friends, or elderly parents.

The typical minivan can tow up to 3,000 pounds with a trailer, which is more than enough for the average family. They are usually able to hold more cargo and can have multiple rows of seats allowing for up to eight passengers. They are usually more aerodynamic than traditional sedans, which helps with fuel economy.

Some minivans, such as the Kia Sedona, are known for their impressive safety features and high crash test scores. They are currently the only minivan to earn the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Top Safety Pick Plus award. The van has a strong showing in the tough small-overlap front driver-side, moderate overlap front, side, roof strength, head restraints, and seat tests.

However, the Sedona could do better with its second- and third-row seatbelt reminders. IIHS recommends longer and louder audible alerts that can be heard over a noisy car radio. Toyota Sienna is one of the few manufacturers to comply with these requirements, but its competitors haven’t followed suit.


The minivan is a unique type of vehicle in that it sits lower to the ground than a SUV, but it has more room for passengers and cargo than a sedan. This makes it a great option for families who want to carry around all their gear and children without having to make multiple trips. It is also easy to maneuver and can fit in tight parking spots unlike a truck or SUV, making it ideal for city driving.

In recent years, many minivans have begun to incorporate advanced features that can help parents keep their kids happy and entertained during long road trips. Chrysler, for instance, offers its FamCam system that allows front occupants to monitor the back row of their van using an interior camera with a split display and HDMI inputs. Honda’s Odyssey and Toyota’s Sienna offer similar rear entertainment systems that feature a 16.2-inch screen and RCA-video, SD card and HDMI inputs.

Despite these advances, the minivan still has some drawbacks when it comes to style and sophistication compared with SUVs. However, many modern minivans are designed to be attractive and can be a stylish alternative to sportier vehicles. For example, the 2017 Honda Odyssey has a sleek exterior and interior design that combines premium materials to create a look that is both classy and family-friendly.